Modular Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

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modular automatic series extinguishers are self-contained standalone system, ideally economical, simple and flexible to suit pre-prevailing local conditions. The Design concept of operation features the sprinkler technology incorporating a gas tight quartzoid bulb sprinkler head fitted with an optional pyrotechnic electric actuator, 24VDC, means of actuating the system can be from a remote controlled release fire extinguishing control panel or thermally fusing the glass bulb which comes in various fixed temperature ranges.

FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIES modular cylinders furnished with ceiling mounting brackets are of carbon steel material, factory argon/CO2 weld, sand blasted, white finished, oven baked and coated with electrostatic powder.

FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIESmodular automatic installations are primarily well-suited for the protection of electrical equipment rooms, server rooms, gas stations, paint spray booths, flammable liquid storage areas, and engine compartment in particular for boats and small rooms that are particularly exposed to danger of fire. Cylinders are hydrostatically tested at 30 bar.


FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIES modular extinguishers are available in two options of extinguishing agents:

1. HFC227ea

2. FK-5-1-12


FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIES modular extinguishers are available in different capacities:



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