Excel Series II Fire Pumps

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FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIES Excel Series II Fire Pumps are pre-fabricated skids, where this developed technology assures providing Compact Design Pump Sets, Easily Handled, Installed, & Maintained, where all Pumping Elements, Drivers, & Controllers are all skid mounted, Pre-piped, Wired, & Factory tested.

Excel Series II Pump control panels feature a human machine interface. The HMI Controller is a tool that will help the pump operators to visualize and monitor the process, provide control targets and set-points, execute programs and initiate sequences, and troubleshoot problems via alarms, and events.

SFFECO Excel Series II Fire Pumps are Standard Packages start from 50 GPM size up to 1500 GPM, with pressure range from 6 bars up to 14 bars. This wide Range of Pumping & Head Characteristics has made Excel Series II suitable in various market sectors such as; Government Buildings, Commercial & Residential Towers, Ware houses, Factories etc.


General Features

  • Space Saving Design Efficiency:
  • Nothing beat Excel Series II packages since allows to fit in to small spaces. Easy to Install and Handle:
  • Available in capacities from 50 GPM up to 1500 GPM and pressure range up to 12 BAR.
  • Pre- fabricated, pre-piped wired, factory tested unit.
  • In compliances with local civil defense requirement and NFPA 20 selection and operation procedure.
  • Pumps coupled with heavy duty trouble free electrical and diesel drivers.
  • Dynamic balanced pumps impellers.
  • Pump set piping is hydrostatically tested to ensure piping integrity.


The Standard Models of “Excel Series” are

  • EDJ: Electrical Diesel Jockey
  • DJ: Diesel Jockey
  • EJ: Electrical Jockey

Other specifications are also available as per customer request.




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