UL / FM Fire Pumps

Original price was: $60,000.00.Current price is: $50,000.00.

FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIES Fire Pumps are essential components in any fire safety system. These pumps are designed to ensure fast and reliable delivery of water to fire sprinkler systems and fire hydrants in the event of a fire. FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIES designs and custom-builds a wide range of fire pump systems that meet every fire protection need, to protect lives and properties throughout changing climatic conditions and weather events. FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIES fire pumps have been tested in the field so that it will perform perfectly and provides real value and reliability. FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIES brings its technical expertise to the industry to improve fire protection systems globally.

FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIES manufactures packaged fire pumps that are self-contained units with the electric motor, diesel engine, pump, control panel, etc. in a single unit. They are easy to install and maintain, making them popular in residential and small commercial projects. The main components of FIRETRAP TECHNOLOGIES fire pump packages are Horizontal Split Case Pumps (UL/FM/SASO), End Suction Pumps (UL/FM/SASO), Control Panel, Fuel Tank, etc.



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