Pump House

Original price was: $23,000.00.Current price is: $21,000.00.

The high-quality construction and state-of-the-art design make the SFFECO Pre Packaged Pump House the ideal fire pump housing.

Designed with robust construction and meticulous engineering, this pump enclosure protects the fire pump and other components from external elements and damage.

As well as protecting, this unit also helps to organize the pump and components properly and makes them easier to access when needed.

This unit can be made in various sizes and designs as per customers’ requirement.

All internal wiring and piping is done at the factory and external connectors are provided on the outer surface of the enclosure that enables easy piping and power connection at the field.

Complete fire pump set assembly is fixed inside a pump house enclosure with all fire pump related standard accessories, valves and fittings and pump testing instruments as required.

The pump house also can be provided with lighting, heat detectors, extinguishers, etc. as additional accessories upon customer request.



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